Common Carotid Artery Imbrication as an Adjunct to Carotid Endarterectomy to Prevent Postoperative Carotid Kinking

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Common Carotid Artery Imbrication


ELONGATION OF THE CAROTID artery is found in up to 38 percenl ofthe normal population.’ Distal mobilization of the carotid artery during endarterectomy may increase vessel redundancy and make the vessel even more prone to kinking.- Carotid kinking can be associated with an abnormal flow pattern upon duplex ultrasound examination,- which may contribute to the development of restenosis from increased turbulence. A recent report suggested that kinking may be associated with an increased risk of cerebrova.scular events.” Shortening procedures consecutive to carotid endarterectomy have been recommended when a redundant vessel segment is pre.sent after endarterectomy to allow undisturbed blood flow.–2.4-7 We investigated a single surgeon’s experience with a technique combining standard endarterectomy via a longitudinal incision with imbrication of the common carotid artery (CCA).

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