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Dr. John G. Costouros MD, FACS, FAAOS

Shoulder Disorders Specialist and Shoulder Surgeon at the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research

Dr. Costouros has devoted his entire career to becoming an expert in the comprehensive treatment of all disorders affecting the shoulder — from sports injuries, to fractures, rotator cuff tears, instability problems and arthritis. As a prior full-time member of the Stanford Orthopedic Surgery Faculty, he has trained hundreds of surgeons from around the world and has shared the very latest advancements and techniques. Although many injuries of the shoulder can be treated without surgery, those that will require an operation can be treated today with arthroscopic surgery – a minimally-invasive technique that requires minimal downtime and enables faster recovery.

Dr. Costouros also specializes in shoulder joint replacement surgery for more complex problems such as advanced arthritis or some irreparable rotator cuff tears. He has been a leader in developing cutting-edge technology for shoulder surgery and has led multiple FDA clinical trials which have benefitted patients throughout the country. He has partnered with Dr. John Dearborn at the Institute for Joint Restoration and Research where they share the same philosophy of providing patients “better and more consistent care in a specialty setting focused on exceptional outcomes, service and quality.”

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